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Getting your colleague
to join?

You will get a gift card of DKK 400 each time you help us get a new paying member.

Bliv Medlem

Invite your colleague to a non-committal chat with us, where we talk about all the benefits of being a member of Finansforbundet. If your colleague chooses to become a member, then you will receive a gift certificate worth DKK 400.

We welcome all new members with a free membership for the first three months (value: DKK 780).*

What to do
Fill in the form below (remember to get your colleague's consent). After this, we contact your colleague by telephone or e-mail. Once your colleague has joined, we send you the gift certificate.

We use an external partner for our gift certificates, ( and we, therefore, share information about your name and e-mail with our partner.

If you have many colleagues whom you want to submit, please feel free to send an e-mail to

The campaign applies to paying members only.


Once your colleague has accepted, fill out the form. If you want to recommend multiple members at once, please instead send an email to Also remember to get your colleagues’ acceptance in advance.

* Membership can be terminated with a notice of current month + 3 months if you have a job in the sector. There is a one-month notice period if you change to a job outside the sector, if you become unemployed or retire.

Rules and FAQ

MGM in Danish 

These are the member benefits

Get a complete overview of the benefits as a member, advice and counselling, and events tailored to the financial sector. New members get the first three months free of charge.

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