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The best you can do in a changing world is to be on the move. We provide the foundation for your current well-being, while opening doors for your future development.

Bliv Medlem

A common collective agreement with room to live life

Time and space for going on holiday

With 6 weeks’ holiday, 4 additional days off, 5 days of dependants’ leave and 3.25% holiday bonus, which is 225% higher than required by law.

Free insurance policies

Get up to DKK 30,000/year in dental insurance, and be admitted quickly to a private hospital with health insurance.

Paid education

Through Finanskompetencepuljen, you can develop without your manager having to pay for it.

Personal advantages that span into the future

Sparring about your next step

Get personal sparring consisting of a career interview, CV/application check or negotiation technique.

Events point the way forward

You will gain access to over 200 annual presentations on Fintech, personal development and much more.

Network that spans into the future

With more than 55,000 members across the financial sector, you will gain access to Denmark’s largest network for financial employees.

One of Denmark’s cheapest unions.


For those of you currently employed, the price is DKK 260/month


For the unemployed, the price is DKK 170/month


If you are a pensioner or, for example, on maternity/paternity leave, the price is DKK 60/month


I am a former member – do I get 3 months’ free upon registration?

If you have been a member within the last 6 months, you cannot get the first 3 months free. At least half a year must have passed since you were last a member.

How much does membership cost?

Finansforbundet is one of Denmark’s cheapest unions.

Kontingentet koster, hvis du er:  
I arbejde 260 kr./måned
Ledig 170 kr./måned
Pensionist eller hvilende/passivt medlem 60 kr./måned
Elev eller studerende Gratis

New members who have not been members of Finansforbundet during the past 6 months will receive the first three months free of charge.
Remember also that you can deduct DKK 6000 of the membership fees in tax per year.

Can I become a member?

You can become a member if you are employed in the financial sector in a company that has a collective agreement with Finansforbundet or if you are a student in an educational programme that is aimed at the financial sector. Furthermore, you can become a member if you primarily work with economy/finance outside the classic financial area.

What is the notice period for my membership?

The notice period when you are employed is current month plus 1 month if you are changing sector – otherwise, it is 6 months if you remain in the financial sector.

Can I refer a colleague and be rewarded?

If you are a member and refer a friend or colleague within the sector who then registers with us, we will give you a super gift card of DKK 400 and the new member will receive 3 months’ free membership.

What is Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund?

Finansforbundet’s unemployment insurance fund is part of FTFa, and it is an option available to those of you who work in the financial sector. We offer a combined solution so that we can provide complete and relevant advice, where the unemployment insurance fund and union support all aspects of your working life

Get the first three months free

Applies to all new members who have not been members of Finansforbundet for the last 6 months.

Become a member

Do You Want Your Colleague to Join too?

The more financial employees who are members of Finansforbundet, the stronger we stand. That's why we have a recruitment campaign where you will receive a super gift certificate, whenever you help us get a new paying member.

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If you have questions about your membership, you are welcome to call or write to us. We will also gladly help by registering you directly over the phone.

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