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Agility is a comic book

28. mar 2023, 8.00 - 9.00
Nordea Høje TaastrupMeet 2+3
Helgeshøj Alle 33
2630 Taastrup
26. marts 2023
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Finansforbundet i Nordea medlemmer
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Entertaining, provocative, and educational presentation about what often happens when agile meets reality – told through a humorous comic format.


  • A humorous insight into the typical pitfalls when you as a company want to be "agile"
  • Inspiration for how typical agile issues can be resolved
  • Insight into how to act as a developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, manager, etc., when you are part of an agile setup

In this presentation, which is based on his globally popular comic, Comic Agilé, and book of the same name, Luxshan articulates through his sharp points and relatable provocations what happens when agile meets reality and good intentions meet real life.

The presentation also provides good advice for handling the typical pitfalls in a humorous and professionally competent way. All the stories, learnings and exhortations are expressed through the effective form of the comic book format to caricature, provoke and put things on the edge – and are based on Luxshan's own experiences.

At 07.30-08.00 Coffee and croissant
At 08.00-09.00 Presentation by Luxshan Ratnaravi
At 09:00 Thanks for today

Luxshan Ratnaravi, civil engineer in software, works as an Agile Coach in Bankdata and helps the company's 115 agile teams and managers to lift the agile maturity to the next level. Luxshan has just completed his second book based on his and his partner Mikkel's agile comic strip, Comic Agilé. Their first book, "Comic Agilé: When Agility Meets Reality", with a foreword by agile luminaries Kent Beck and Dave Snowden, has become a global hit in agile circles.

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Luxshan Ratnaravi


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