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Join the unemployment insurance fund of Finans-forbundet - part of FTFa.

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The unemployment insurance fund of Finansforbundet – part of FTFa

'The unemployment insurance fund of Finansforbundet– part of FTFa' is an offer to people who work in the financial sector. The new unemployment insurance fund gives you access, as a member of Finansforbundet (Financial Services Union Denmark), to a comprehensive service that is tailor-made for employees in the financial sector. This ensures that you will get the best and most relevant advice, and that the unemployment insurance fund and union can in combination support you in all aspects of your working life.

What this means for you

If you are already a member of FTFa, you are automatically included in the unemployment insurance fund of Finansforbundet. Your subscription and your seniority will remain as they are, and you don't need to do anything.

If you are a member of another unemployment insurance fund, you can easily switch to the unemployment insurance fund of Finansforbundet. We will transfer your rights and at the same time close your membership in your current unemployment insurance fund, so that you don't need to.