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No matter who you are, you must be able to go to work and confidently put your skills, professionalism, and personality into play. Meet LGBT+ members and learn about our efforts for an inclusive and diverse working environment in the financial sector.

Pride sko

of LGBT people have experienced negative attitudes or comments about LGBT people at their workplace

(ALS Research “LGBT persons’ job satisfaction in the labour market – Aug. 2019)


of LGBT people cannot be fully open at their workplace

(ALS Research “LGBT persons’ job satisfaction in the labour market – Aug. 2019)


of LGBT people have sometimes, often or always avoided expressing themselves such that their LGBT identity is “exposed”

(ALS Research “Investigation of challenges and stigma in relation to having an LGBTI identity in Denmark”)

LGBT+ in focus

Our initiatives for diversity and inclusion

Every day, Finansforbundet strives to make room for diversity in the financial sector.

That’s why we work to promote your right to be yourself when you go to work. Diversity and inclusive work communities promote job satisfaction at work, successful companies, innovation and a more just society. This is what the research shows. This is what reality shows.

Stories from everyday life

More workspace

A partnership for more opennes in workspaces

Finansforbundet, along with a number of companies and organisations, has entered a partnership with the Ministry of Employment and Ministry for Gender Equality to actively create a more inclusive working environment.

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Evening events

Join us at our next evening event

Finansforbundet holds several events with a focus on LGBT+. Our next event is 7 September.

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Go to an interview about your work life

Finansforbundet helps you to thrive and succeed in your work life. We are your impartial sparring partner, and our expert consultants are ready to give you advice. Log in to Mit Forbund (My Association) to book a career interview.

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