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Power BI #3: Power BI and Machine Learning - also for non-members

1. jun 2021, 9.00 - 10.00
27. maj 2021
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Learn how Machine Learning service have become an integrated part of Power BI.

  • Get started with Machine Learning services as a part of Power BI
  • Insight into the use of dynamic algorithms

At this webinar it will be demonstrated how Machine Learning service have become an integrated part of Power BI. Machine Learning services make it simpler to carry out Machine Learning and Data Science because it contains features such as auto ML, drag and drop designer with SQL, R, Python and more language options, as well as Jupiter notebooks. In addition, data can be processed and saved in an easy and safe manner, for example it can be demonstrated how you can use Power BI to optimize advertising purchases.

The webinar will consist of a presentation and demonstration of the software. Participants can ask questions during the webinar.


Emilie Lundblad, Head of BI solutions (Business Science) at GroupM Denmark.

Place: Online (Zoom platform)
1. june 2021
1 hour

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This event is offered in collaboration with DANSK IT, Denmark’s largest independent union for IT professionals and IT users.

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