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Aflyst - How to Work in Denmark: Tips on Danish working culture for ambitious internationals

9. okt 2020, 9.30 - 16.00
1-dags kursus
Applebys Plads 5
1411 København K
24. september 2020
250,00 kr.
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Danish working culture can be a bit of a mystery for people who didn’t grow up in Denmark. Learning more about the culture can help achieve your career goals.

  • What does the ’flat hierarchy’ mean for you – and for your career ambitions?
  • What is Danish humor? Plus, how using “self-irony” can be a great tool in the workplace
  • What does a Danish boss expect from a team member? (It’s probably not what your boss wants in your home country)
  • What’s the best way to grow your career in Denmark and make Danish business contacts?
  • What value do you get from joining a union in Denmark – and how is a union different from an A-kasse?

Equality, trust, directness, good work-life balance: many of us have heard about the basic elements of Danish working culture. But how can an ambitioius international work with these elements to build a successful career in Denmark? Kay Xander Mellish, who has worked at some of the largest corporations in Denmark, will explain how to leverage the most important aspects of Danish working culture in order to succeed in your current job and prepare for your next.

Full-day program including interactive exercises and group work from 9.30-16.00. It includes some bread at 9.00, lunch and cake during the day.

Kay Xander Mellish is the author of the book “How to Work in Denmark”, “How to Live in Denmark”, and the upcoming book “Working with Danes: Tips for Americans.

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