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A conversation about making friends in Denmark - also for non-members

16. apr 2021, 16.00 - 18.00
14. april 2021
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Having a fun and fulfilling social network is key to a meaningful life. But creating a social circle in a foreign country can be a real challenge!

  • A safe, facilitated space to share meaningful conversations
  • Share your experiences of living in a foreign country and how to make yourself feel like you belong
  • Exchange ideas with other internationals about how to create and expand your social circle in Denmark
  • Gain a sense of connection with other internationals through ‘I feel like that too’ moments, sharing experiences, struggles and ideas

Join a conversation with other internationals about your experiences with making friends in Denmark and connect with others in the same situation as you. This online conversation will give you a space to zoom in on your social life in Denmark. You will exchange impressions of living in Denmark, share experiences, struggles and highlights when it comes to creating new social bonds - and get constructive about how to approach this in the future.

The programme will shift between small group conversations in break-out rooms and a plenary conversation facilitated by the hosts. It is expected of the participants to be visible to and engage with one another. The hosts will secure a safe atmosphere for the participants. There will be a small break in the middle of the programme.

Your two hosts are Anne Bach Stensgaard and Ida Lydholm Nymand, co-founders of Rumlig. Rumlig is here to connect people to themselves and each other. We are here for all people who seek greater connection and who are curious about themselves, life and the human condition. We create space for conversations that are different in both form and content from those most of us have in our daily lives.


For your information we use the platform Teams. During the meeting there will be group discussions in breakout rooms.

By registering, you give your consent to Finansforbundet, presenters and other participants to see your name and picture during the Teams meeting.

Registration for non-members of the Financial Services Union:

Not a member of Finansforbundet? No problem. Sign up for this meeting by sending an email to stating your full name, mobile, e-mail and workplace. Non-members will afterwards be contacted by the Financial Services Union.

Please note that the names and e-mail addresses of all participants registered for this event will be passed on to the instructor, course provider and conference venue for the purpose of organising the event. We do not share your information with the other course participants.


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