Have you talked to a stranger in the canteen today? - for all Nordea employees

Nordea Copenhagen Metro, Grønjordsvej 10, 2300 København S
Dato: 16. juni 2020 kl. 11:45 til 16. juni 2020 kl. 13:00
Pris: 0,00 kr.
Ledige pladser: 40
Tilmeldingsfrist: 09.06.2020

For all Nordea employees. Not a member of Finansforbundet? No problem. Sign up for this after-work-meeting by sending an email to fokus@finansforbundet.dk stating your full name, mobile, e-mail and workplace.

Networking creates results - and personal and professional development for each of us. Going to work is also more fun when you have strong relations, help colleagues and use your and others´resources better.


07:45 AM - 09:00 AM.


11:45 Check in

12:00 Welcome

12:05 Up in air

13:00 Thank you for coming


Ann Louise Engstrøm - partner in Coachers, will inspire you in an entertaining way..

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Everybody employed in  Nordea are invited. Use the sign up button at the top. Not a member? No problem. Please send us an email to fokus@finansforbundet.dk  stating your full name, mobile, email and workplace. After the event, we’ll contact you and tell you about Finansforbundet and our membership benefits.

Please note that the names and e-mail addresses of all participants registered for this event will be passed on to the instructor, course provider and conference venue for the purpose of organising the event. We do not share your information with the other course participants.


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