Ny viden på en time - Learn about EU directive to disencourage tax planning

Finansforbundet, Applebys Plads 5, 1411 København K
Dato: 23. oktober 2019 kl. 08:00 til 23. oktober 2019 kl. 09:00
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Tilmeldingsfrist: 22.10.2019

Morning event: Meet Carina Marie Gersdorf Korsgaard, expert in international tax, and learn about the directive from the European Council that obliges tax advisers or businesses to report on a number of transactions defined as potential tax planning schemes.

The purpose of the directive is to disencourage tax planning and give tax authorities a new tool to identify transactions for tax audits. The date of application of the directive is 1 July 2020. In Denmark, legislation is expected during the autumn of 2019.

The scope of the cross-border arrangements to be reported is relatively broad and may lead to extensive reporting obligations for both intermediaries and – mainly corporate, but also individual – taxpayers. During the morning briefing, Carina M.G. Korsgaard will cover and seek to provide answers on the following subjects with special focus on the financial sector:

  • Which arrangements needs to be reported?
  • What needs to be reported?
  • Who needs to report?
  • When do we/you need to report

Without doubt the new rules will add an extra layer of complexity on an already very complex world of regulation. And it goes without saying that the new rules will be very important both seen from a compliance and a risk management view.



Carina Marie Gersdorf Korsgaard is Partner and Head of International Tax and Transaction Services, EY.
She is head of compliance regarding the Mandatory Disclosure Directive.



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Kl. 8.00 Speak by Carina Marie Gersdorf Korsgaard

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