Real Estate on the Blockchain

FinTech Lab, Applebys Plads 7, 1411 København K
Dato: 12. september 2019 kl. 14:00 til 12. september 2019 kl. 17:00
Pris: 0,00 kr.
Ledige pladser: 27
Tilmeldingsfrist: 12.09.2019

Real Estate on the Blockchain Not a member of Finansforbundet? No problem. Sign up to this event by sending an email to stating your full name, phone, email and workplace. Come and learn about all the benefits of tokenized real estate portfolios. At this event you will hear from industry leaders about your opportunities with blockchain based real estate portfolios.

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14.00: Introduction to the event
14.10: Introduction to blockchain: Bo Hembæk Svensson, BlockNordic 
14.25: Value proposition in a blockchain based market: Rasmus Olsen, Building Council Denmark
14.45: Tokenized Real Estate to Stabilize a Stablecoin: Lasse Birk Olesen, MakerDAO
15.05: Break
15.25: Intro to Blockchain in the real estate sector: Claus Skaaning & Mette Kibsgaard, DigiShares
15.45: Case study: $250M of tokenized Real Estate Fund: Julianne Sloane, Leaseum Partners
16.05: Legal aspects of securities trading on the blockchain: TBA
16.30: Fireside Chat
16.55: Thanks for this time by PropTech Denmark
17.00: Networking and a refreshment

Event highlights

  • Stablecoins & real estate
  • Token issurance
  • Real estate tokenization
  • Sto’s fundraising
  • Real estate projects

Information for participants

- There will be plenty of networking opportunities for both speakers and participants.

- The event include snacks, sandwiches and refreshments.

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