The data literacy revolution

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Dato: 25. juni 2019 kl. 16:00 til 25. juni 2019 kl. 18:00
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This presentation will describe the new literacy: “data literacy”, the analogy with computer literacy, and reasons why this skillet will soon be as essential to all professionals as computer literacy is today.

About the event

The popularity and ubiquity of data science, data analytics, AI and the trend towards digital transformation have led to massive, repeated failures in many businesses. Despite billions spent, hundreds of Ph.D.s hired, and much boasting in conference presentations, many enterprises are still struggling to leverage the value of these new technologies.

The missing ingredient is the literacy of the rest of the organisation, particularly senior management.

This presentation will address issues of automation, the advent of decision making as the key managerial activity and the resulting democratisation of

AI and analytics, however still maintaining a class of data science and analytics experts.

Likewise will the presentation address issues of mindset, as well as skillset, and the ways in which across-organisational engagement with data analytics must change to leverage its value.

Key take away:

• Understand what is data literacy, why is it important to us, and what is required to be data literate
• A good understanding of what data analytics is, and what is it for, what is a typical data analytics process
• Why having a team of unicorn data scientists cannot help your organisational transformation nor being more data driven
• Key differences/relations between analysis, data science and reporting

Target audience

Anybody who want to be familiar with data analytics and want to gain competitive advantage by using data.

Particularly useful for executive and management level, and those who have supporting functions towards enable data analytics. 


Frances Luk, Managing Partner of AlphaZetta Nordic and an independent consultant.

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