Automatic Detection of Fake News

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Dato: 10. maj 2019 kl. 17:00 til 10. maj 2019 kl. 18:00
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Afternoon lecture for everyone: Detecting fake news is an arms race, but we can use artificial intelligence to catch it. How will that work?

The way that people control media and spread misinformation is evolving quickly. People creating and spreading intentionally false and misleading claims constantly try to work faster and smarter than people trying to catch and regulate this information. But there is hope!

We will talk about fake news, where it comes from, how it spreads (including in Denmark), and why we need technology to catch it. We will look at some of the big data and artificial intelligence techniques we are already using to find and stop it, including natural language processing, network analysis, and deep learning – without going into any maths or things like that.

Leon Strømberg-Derczynski, Assistant Professor, IT-University of Copenhagen, has been working on fake news detection on the web for almost five years at universities in the USA, UK, Russia and of course Denmark. The lecture will include some stories about fake news, with interesting content around both social and technical impacts & solutions.


16.30: Check-in. Coffee and cake will be served.

17.00: The lecture starts

18.00: Conclusion

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