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Dato: 11. juni 2019 kl. 16:15 til 11. juni 2019 kl. 18:00
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Reinforce collaboration and job satisfaction in your team through High Performance Team Building. Gain deeper insight into the five keys to success with High Performance Teams.

Why book this lecture?
Why work with HPT?

Because High Performance Teams provide 34% higher return on their assets and 26% higher return on investment (ROI).
A team-based organization will use 34% fewer hours to perform the same work. And when the team-based organization simultaneously experiences less loss of employees and more work satisfaction, it is a win win for all parties.

  • How does your team rate on the five keys to success with High Performance?
  • What do you need to boost – and reduce – to improve your team’s High Performance rating?

Focus on behaviour and job satisfaction

  • Gain insights into the mechanisms that increase the sense of ownership, welfare and productivity among employees and get tools to reinforce these mechanisms
  • How to get curious, motivated and persistent employees who are flexible and committed – regardless of their “core tasks”
  • Learn about the roles and responsibilities you must assume – both in daily operations, during change processes and in acute crises
  • How to improve the working environment

The ideal team is the intelligent team

  • What characterises the ideal team? The people, the project, or...?
  • From focus on the ideal team to focus on the intelligent team – what is the difference and what will it mean in practice?
  • Learn about five decisive motivators for any team

Boost the team’s efficiency

  • Set the framework for the rewarding meeting – focus on expectations and common language
  • Get an introduction to the TQ development tool for teams
  • Decode your team’s dynamics, strengths and weaknesses and use this constructively when distributing roles on the team going forward

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18:00 – Thanks for today

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Sebastian Nybo, Managing Director, SEB Gruppen A/S.
Sebastian is a renowned speaker, teacher, debater and writer with international experience and networks. He is an instructor who makes a difference with his knowledge and dedication that leave the participants revitalised and with new insights.
Over the past 25 years, Sebastian has taught and given popular talks to more than 200,000 people in Denmark and internationally, and he has accumulated massive experience of teaching, consultancy and recruitment of executives and key employees.

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Sebastian Nybo


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