Nudging – influencing behaviour - Danske Bank Holmens Kanal

Danske Bank Holmens Kanal, Laksegade 7, 1063 København K
Dato: 11. april 2019 kl. 17:00 til 11. april 2019 kl. 18:30
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Nudging – influencing behaviour

Join the after-work meeting - everybody employed in Danske Bank are invited: A little fly painted on public urinals helped significantly reduce the amount of urine missing the bowl. This classic example neatly illustrates the concept of nudging. Spend an afternoon learning more about nudging or behavioural design, as it is also called: a method for changing human behaviour in an appropriate direction. Without the use of carrots, sticks or finger-wagging, but with a loving nudge.

We delve into the basic theory and look at the best examples of nudging in practice from Denmark and abroad. Most of us are naturally fascinated by human behaviour and that is also the fundamental component shaping any business. So it is a field that companies should take seriously and approach strategically. But not many companies do this – perhaps because working seriously with human behaviour and how to change it in an appropriate manner requires that you become familiar with the science and evidence behind nudging.


16:30-17:00: Check-in and networking. Snacks will be served.

17:00-18:30: After-work meeting.


Pelle Guldborg Hansen, PhD and behavioural scientist, is among the world’s leading applied behavioural researchers and focuses particularly on nudging theory and interventions. His areas of research have included health, occupational health and safety, efficient administration, food waste, passenger behaviour, street waste and dental practice, and he has published essential theoretical papers on nudging theory and interventions. His research has been reported in The Economist, BBC, New Scientist, Wall Street Journal and CNN. He is also behind the OECD nudging framework (BASIC).

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