Cybercrime - Danske Bank Brabrand

Danske Bank IT Brabrand, Edvin Rahrs Vej 40, 8220 Brabrand
Dato: 11. juni 2019 kl. 11:30 til 11. juni 2019 kl. 12:30
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Cyber threats against Denmark

Lunch & learn: We have never experienced a digital bombardment as persistent and incessant as in the past year, and all figures and trends indicate that this development will continue. Peter Kruse zooms in on the current and most serious cyber threats and technical details from attacks based on some specific cases.

Cyber crime and sophisticated digital attacks from organised criminal groups as well as government operators continue to characterise the threat scenario against Denmark. They affect both citizens and companies and have gradually become so well organised that they operate according to an actual business model with management, accounting department, support function, etc.

We dive into the comprehensive telemetry of threat intelligence that CSIS gathers on a daily basis from both our own vast range of services and trusted partners. This telemetry can help generate a picture of the players and countries that focus most on attacking Danish targets.

The presentation will be sprinkled with technical demonstrations of Crime-as-a-Service tools and panels that have been abused by IT criminals in both global and more geographically targeted attacks.

The event is including a sandwich for lunch.

The speaker

Peter Kruse established the company Krusesecurity in 1999 and has worked professionally with IT security since 2001, including at companies such as Telia and TDC and as a virus analyst at Norman Antivirus. He is the only Dane to have been awarded membership of the well-respected Computer Antivirus Research Organisation (CARO), and he also serves as technical advisor for both Interpol and Europol and member of the IT security committee of The Confederation of Danish Industry. Peter is the most quoted cyber security expert in Denmark and among the most visible in his field in Europe. He frequently gives talks at public and private IT security conferences, both in Denmark and globally.

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