Introduction to banking for IT-professionals

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Learn how a bank works! As an IT-employee, manager or specialist, it is increasingly important that you understand the business.

On this course you will learn about the various lines of business within the banking sector and you will learn how financial risks are managed as well as how the regulatory environment has developed over the recent years.

Welcome and Introduction
1. Understanding Banking
• Definitions
• The role of the banks
• Types of banks
• Regulating banks
• Financial Authorities
• The annual report
• The future of banking

2. Retail Banking and Corporate Banking
• Definitions
• Loans to privates
• Deposits
• Real Estate
• Investments
• Loans to corporates
• Corporate finance activities
• Handling large loans

3. Investment Banking
• The workflow in a market operation
• Front-, middle- and back office
• Trading bonds, shares and foreign exchange (FX)
• Differences in the Scandinavian countries

4. New Capital Requirements
• Why capital requirements?
• Why are the rules changed?
• New rules (BIS III or CRD/CRR IV)
• SIFI and other risk buffers
• Basle IV – coming rules
• The EU Banking Union

The course is relevant for:
The course is an introductory course and is relevant for employees who want an overview of how a bank functions and an overview of its various lines of business.

Jørgen Just Andresen is Managing Director of Financial Training Partner A/S, which he co-founded in 2002.
He has many years of teaching experience as a chief consultant at SimCorp’s training department, which he joined in 1996. Prior to SimCorp he worked at Danske Bank with fixed income research and fixed income sales.
Jørgen is also an external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and was awarded teacher of the year at CBS’ education Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Financial planning) in 2016.
He is author of the books Finansiel Risikostyring (Financial Risk Management) and Finansielle Derivative (Financial Derivatives) published by Djøf Publishing. He holds an M.Sc. (international finance) and an HD (accounting).

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