Reveal your potential!

Danske Bank, Wealth, Parallelvej 17, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Dato: 24. januar 2018 kl. 08:00 til 24. januar 2018 kl. 09:00
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Reveal your potential - It’s not about talent, but about potential

For employees of Danske Bank!

“I have never held you down. I am the string in your life’s bow and you are the arrow. The farther I pull the string back, the farther you will fly, when I let go.” - Morten Albæk’s father.
This quote was an important lesson for Morten Albæk and led him to see the difference between courtesy and honesty; between support and challenge; between talent and potential.

In Morten Albæk’s new lecture, “Develop the potential” he explains the importance of releasing the potential – and talent – in everyone in his organization. Because in reality very few possess true talent, but no one is born without potential, big or small. It is the responsibility of a leader to develop that potential, and that is why Morten Albæk favors the term “Potential Management” over “Talent Management”. Similarly, he believes that Human Resources Management (HRM) should be called Human Potential Development (HPD).
Hear Morten Albæk’s new insightful and inspirational lectures about how to develop one’s full potential.

Morten Albæk, CEO, Philosopher, writer and Co-Founder and CEO for Voluntas Investment & Advisory. Morten Albæk was previously head of Danske Bank’s department of Idea Generation and Innovation. Albæk has a master’s degree in history and philosophy from Aarhus University and is an honorary professor in applied philosophy at Aalborg University.

Time and place
24.1.2018, 8-9 am (check in and breakfast from 7.30 am)
The Canteen at Wealth, Danske Bank, Lyngby

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